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The Website: You are on a page of the website now. The website provides an introduction to the subject of visual reflexology and foot reading, as well as information about my training workshops. It also shows excerpts from the chapters of the eBook. It is visible to everyone.

The Subscription eBook: This is accessed through the subscriber’s area page on the website, and in order to read it you will need to take out a subscription. It is in the book that I explore in depth how to read the feet, and how to use this skill within your reflexology practice. 

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Theory chapters: (read more on their content here) make up the first part of the eBook, introducing the subject and explaining the uses and applications of foot reading within the context of your reflexology practice. These are all uploaded and ready to read in the subscriber’s area. 

Practical chapters: (read more on their content heremake up the second part of the eBook and explain in depth how to read and interpret the significance of each aspect of foot reading such as different skin textures, lines, and colours. Half of these posts have been uploaded and ready to read in the subscriber’s area. They will continue to be written every few weeks until the book is finished. Subscribers will be notified as each new chapter is uploaded and ready to read. 

Additional Content: The chapters contain interactive learning material; videos on techniques, links to other websites, a comment section for discussion and Q & As, and so on. 

After all the chapters that compile the eBook are finished I will continue to upload monthly blog posts on new developments in foot reading, interesting case studies, articles from other foot readers, etc. Taking out a blog subscription will also allow you to access these. 

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Once the book is finished it will be published on kindle, and possibly in print at some point in the future.

Technology has moved on a bit since this groundbreaking book was written way back in 1938! 

Loving the feet drawing. 

                    (And hoping that Learn ta Locate is not a typo, it’s just how people speak in Rochester, N.Y.                                 And wondering what happened to the geese that were still alive…)



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