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 "Fantastic day, I can't thank you enough for opening our minds to your amazing visual reflexology" (Lisa Wallis)

"The visual reflexology workshop with Angela was a mind blowing experience. I know our feet can tell so much about us but this was on another level and dimension" (Healing Tree Reflexology)

"Wonderful full of new ideas, approaches and fun. Thank you!!" (Alix Kime)



One of the best ways to learn how to incorporate visual reflexology and foot reading into your practice is to take part in one of the workshops that I run throughout the year in the UK and Ireland. Some are public and open to everyone and some groups host their own private workshops. They are very easy to follow and are suitable for all reflexologists as well as students, as curiosity and enthusiasm are just as important as experience. Skills learned at a workshop can be incorporated into all reflexology methods and applied to all charts. They are also accredited for CPD points by the AoR and NRRI.  

There are never more than 12 participants, and in private workshops often as few as 5 or 6. They are always friendly and a lot of fun as we read the unique stories of the feet and connect through them physically and emotionally with everyone present.

 There are three options for attending a workshop  

  1. You can book on an upcoming public workshop. There is a list of all current upcoming workshops below.
  2.  You can ask me to organise a public workshop in your local area. 
  3. Private workshops for groups have proved very popular. To organise a workshop for a group (including students), please contact me to discuss cost & venue requirements. The minimum number of participants is 5 and the maximum 12.
  4. If you can’t get to a workshop or would prefer training more suited to your own individual needs, I run online 1-1 training sessions. 


Improve your knowledge of this amazing side of reflexology and learn to look at the feet in a completely different way. 


Some of the things covered during the workshop:

  • How the visual can guide you in the questions you ask of clients
  • How visual skills complement what your hands feel 
  • Foot reading for structuring a treatment
  • Techniques based specifically on visual observations
  • Deepening your knowledge of the nature of the reflexes
  • The feet as a 3D microcosm of the body rather than a 2D chart
  • Seeing energy blockages in the 10 zones
  • Dorsal – Plantar energy flow
  • Written and photographic records
  • Visually connecting with a client’s energy


You will first learn about the theory, and then put your knowledge to the test with practical work in the afternoon.


Introduction to this aspect of this reflexology, and how best to use it in your practice. 

Followed by a slide presentation.

During the slide presentation, we will study photos of lots of different feet. I will talk about the appearance of the feet and include Q&As from participants, in order to give us a deeper understanding of the appearance of the reflexes on them and what they may be telling us.


Practical work: In small groups, we will study each participant’s feet in turn.

Using what we have learned in the workshop so far we will see how much we can tell from the visual appearance of the reflexes about the health of the person.

We will get immediate feedback as to how accurate we are. Then we will look for clues on the reflexes as to any health issues the person has that we may have missed.

We will also practise some reflexology techniques based specifically on visual analysis, and see how they can complement our palpatory skills


  • Workshops run from 10am – 5.30pm and cost £105 unless stated otherwise.
  • Book through the contact form below unless the workshop has an asterisk*.
  • Any privately organised workshops that are listed are also open to joining.  
  • To organise your own private workshop, or for more information about a listed workshop contact me.

Click on each venue for map & website.

UPDATE: All workshops postponed due to COVID-19 will be rearranged as soon as possible depending on government rulings. The Stevenage, Newbury and Port Laoise workshops are currently going ahead following COVID safe guidelines. (NB the ‘rule of six’ does not apply to education venues.) If a workshops is cancelled, or students need to cancel for any reason, all payments will be refunded.

DATE  2020                  

Feb 29th             LONDON                                                   Solas Complementary Therapies

March 22nd       LIVERPOOL                                              Kapucia Wellbeing (postponed)

April 25th           NEWBURY                                                Private venue, address on booking (postponed)

June 27th           DURHAM                                                  Alington House (postponed)

Oct 20th-21st    STEVENAGE                                            Stevenage Leisure Centre (£280)

Nov 26th            PORT LAOISE**                                       Golden Egg Holistic** (150 eu) (postponed)

*2 day workshop with Jane Sheehan                              **For Golden Egg booking form Contact me 

To reserve your place on a workshop you will need to return the booking form and make a minimum deposit payment of £35. Deposits are non-refundable and the balance is due at the latest 2 weeks before the workshop date. Study notes for the workshop will be emailed to you in advance and videos of techniques based on visual observations will be sent after the workshop itself.



If you have any questions before applying for a place please contact me.

Workshop Booking Form
Account no. 0674 5784 Sort Code 09-01-50 Bank: Santander Business
Send to 13 Fox Lane, London N13 4PU
1. In the event of the participant cancelling: All deposit payments are non refundable. Balance payments may be transferred to another participant for the same workshop. 2. In the event of the venue or organiser cancelling: All payments will be refunded.

participants from Some past workshops



Feb 23rd             BOURNEMOUTH                                  The Elstead Hotel  

March 23rd        ABERDEEN                                           Grampian MS Therapy Centre               

April 13th           LONDON                                                Solas Complementary Therapies

May 18th           MILTON KEYNES                                  Temple Academy of Reflexology                            

June 12th           FIVEMILETOWN Co. Tyrone              Zen Yoga Therapies*    

June 14th           DUBLIN                                                 River Holistic

June 16th           BALLINASLOE Co. Galway                 Spirit 3*

July 2nd             SW LONDON                                          Private venue, address on booking 

Oct 5th                SW MIDLANDS                                     Wishing Well Therapies, Bromsgrove

Nov 12th             NEWCASTLE                                         Private venue, address on booking

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