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Online workshops

The visual reflexology & foot reading workshops cover the content of the eBook. You will need to buy the ebook in order to read this. But if you are only interested in online workshops at the moment read on!

online 1-1 training

 " I had two individual online workshop sessions with Angela (2 hours each). Angela has such a lovely easy manner about her and the time just flew by. The sessions were informative and concise so that I came away with a working knowledge of how to read the feet that I can use with my clients even though there is so much more to know. We looked at samples of clients' feet (both Angela's and my own) so that the knowledge could be put to use and not be purely theoretical. Angela followed up the sessions with some further readings. Thoroughly recommended." 
Alison Douglas

There are many reflexologists and students who cannot get to workshops, or feel that they could benefit from one-to-one training. As a result, I was asked to run individual online training and this is now also offered. (Eventually, I am also planning to run training webinars).

How it works

The one-to-one training consists of two training sessions of two hours each (four hours in total), in which we have shared face time using Zoom. Zoom is a good option for training as it has interactive tools such as pointers and notation tools for the slides I share on screen. This means the person who is training can clearly see where and what I am referring to on the feet. 


As well as the training sessions themselves, Zoom allows you to record and store them on your computer. The great thing about this is that it means you can watch the training as many times as you wish, and will always have it to refer to in the future.

Contact me if you would like to arrange some training sessions. They cover similar ground to the actual workshops but have the advantage of being individually tailored to your personal experience and needs.

Outline of the two training sessions 

(Each session is 2 hours long)


  1. We set a time and date at least two weeks in advance. Then I send you some foot reading training notes to study in the weeks beforehand.
  2. I also recommend that you use the notes to practise with your own clients before the training and join the Visual Reflexology Study group on Facebook if you aren’t already a member. (However, I understand some people don’t want to use Facebook, and if you don’t join the group it’s not a handicap to your study)
  3. We also set a time to have a quick phone call to go through the use of Zoom if necessary to make sure that you feel confident with it.


  1. An introduction to foot reading
  2. Its uses and application in your practice.
  3. Studying photos of a variety of feet together to further illustrate specific aspects of the subject. We will cover every system of the body and how it represents visually on the feet. I talk you through the photos explaining what I am seeing and you have the opportunity to ask questions and seek further explanation of anything that you aren’t clear about.

Some of the aspects of foot reading we cover: Tension & torsion in the muscles and joints, different types of lines, colouring of the feet, skin texture, marks & freckles, vein & capillary health, lymphoedema and other types of swelling, corns, and verrucas, toe shapes and angles, differences between the left and right feet.

Homework after the first session 

You will take photos of five pairs of feet belonging to yourself, clients, family members or friends of whom you have good background knowledge of their health. You will write a brief assessment of what you can read on these feet and how it relates to what you know of their health. You will email me the photos to look at in advance of our second online session.


This is a week or two after the first, and in this session, we will look together at the five sets of photos you have taken. We will talk through these photos together and as well as giving my own readings I will ask you for your opinions and observations. You get the chance to see how what you know about the health of the person correlates to what you can see on their feet. This gives you the opportunity to apply what you learned in the first session, and see how well you can use your visual skills. It also gives you further opportunities to ask questions and get feedback from me. Finally, there is time to go over any aspect of foot reading you may be unclear about.

Afterwards – follow up learning

I send a list of links to the website and learning materials of various other teachers that I think may be of use within your visual practice and videos of various techniques based on visual observations

Optional further sessions   

There is the option to book further sessions if you wish to continue to deepen your knowledge of visual reflexology.

Payment and T&Cs

Each 2 hour session costs £100 payable through PayPal

Please note: payment is required at the time of booking and at least one week’s advance notice is required to either receive a refund or to alter the time or date.