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This website contains the posts that make up the chapters of my eBook ‘Foot Reading and Visual Reflexology’. Subscribers can read the book online here. 


All the blog posts are found in the subscribers area of the website, which you will be able to access once you have subscribed. You can read each post there in chronological order, just as you would the chapters of a physical book. Follow these links if you’d like more information about the theory posts and the practical posts of the book. To read about why I decided to publish the book online this way, watch the video below or continue scrolling down. 

Other pages of the website give an introduction to visual reflexology and details of my training workshops.

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What some reflexologists think of the blog...
"Angela has a wealth of knowledge and expertise to share in an innovative way. This online blog and unique e-book gives an opportunity for constant updates to the latest findings and teachings around the subject of Visual Reflexology. It is fascinating information for new and experienced reflexologists alike!"
Felicity Bevell
"I am a reflexology student but still found it really easy to follow. I'm really glad to have this way of learning how to foot read from the start of my career. Loving the extra links & videos"
Qi Master
"I'm blown away with Angela's knowledge of how to read feet and I am thrilled that she's started this Blog. It is so informative, fascinating and amazing to have the concept of visual reflexology at our fingertips. I can't wait for the rest of the blog posts to come out."
Andrea Foster

The eBook consists of two parts, the first is the theory part about why to foot read, what it adds to your practice and to the profession generally. And the second part is the practical part about how to foot read, which explains in depth what all the things we see on the feet are telling us about the health and well being of clients.

The theory posts that make up the first part of the eBook are all written, uploaded and ready to read. The second part part of the eBook has been started, with the first set of practical posts ready to read. Members will be notified when subsequent posts are uploaded, which will be approximately one per month until the eBook is finished.

The website also provides an introduction to the subject of foot reading and visual reflexology, and information about my training workshops

The Advantages Of Digital Publishing

 I’m publishing ‘Foot Reading and Visual Reflexology’ online because digital media is such an exciting medium in which to share knowledge.

 It offers so many new ways of sharing information, allowing the use of interactive learning methods such as videos, podcasts, member forums and Q&As, as well as links to other teaching websites and the potential of running webinars. I can constantly add new content and instantly update the old, and use unlimited amounts of colour photographs and charts.

And it means there can be input not just from myself but also fellow members, and guest bloggers from within the field of foot reading and from other areas of reflexology.

All these things are incorporated into the blog posts which comprise the chapters of the book, so there is limitless potential for including so much more than I could do in a non digital medium.

    Example of a Colour Photo with Coded Legend for Foot Reading

On the photo below I have annotated some of the visual manifestations it is possible to read on this foot, and then added a colour-coded legend. 

In the blog posts that comprise the chapters of the eBook, I use these type of annotated photos and legends to give foot readings. Detailed explanations are also added to the photos to show why the textures, lines, colours etc. are occurring where they are, and what they are telling us about the health of the reflexes, both physically and emotionally.

Compressed 5th toe –  Pressure jaw & shoulder joint

Swollen Sinus Pads

Swollen Pituitary(or Hypothalamus) & inverted V base of the cranium

Angle of neck –  slight lateral inclination 

Ridge of hard skin lung zone 2 & pale coloured skin up thyroid 
Curving U shaped lines/shadow over stomach/pancreas
Pea shaped swelling over adrenal/kidney
Congestion in liver zone 5
Multiple fine lines emanating from spine across small intestine zones 1/2/3 
Rippling grooves across abdominal area/intestines zones 3-5
Compression lines from gluteal muscles – pressure > hip

Interactive Learning Tools

You can watch videos that I’ve made such as the one below, which demonstrate different ways to work on the feet based on what we see at the reflexes. I also share videos and podcasts from other foot readers and reflexology tutors.

Comment Sections, Subscriber Forums and Q&As

There is the possibility for everyone to be involved, with a comments section after each post. In this section, if you wish you can comment, ask questions, request further information on related subjects, post your own photos etc. 

The blog posts

In the blog posts, I will be looking into every aspect of foot reading and visual reflexology in much more depth. Each post will be the equivalent of a chapter of the eBook. Once you have paid your subscription you will always be able to access the online book here.

The first section of the book is comprised of theory posts explaining why reflexologists should learn to foot read and how best to use this skill in your reflexology practice and within the wider context of the profession as a whole. These posts are already written and available to read. 

The second section of the book is comprised of the practical posts and how to actually read the feet. They cover all the different aspects of foot reading, including what to look for and how to interpret what we see. I have written and posted the first group of these, but others are yet to be written and will be uploaded on a monthly basis until the book is finished. Members will be notified as soon as each one is available to read.

Follow on posts will be continued after the core eBook has been finished. There will be new posts on the subject monthly from either myself or guest bloggers. As long as you renew your yearly subscription you will also have access to all of these when they come out.

                    The blog posts that comprise the two sections of the book are listed below


First section of the book: theory Posts

  • Introduction to Visual Reflexology
  • How do Health Issues Manifest Visually?
  • How to Carry Out a Visual Assessment
  • Photographic Records
  • Reading Different Energies on the Feet
  • Overview of Uses
  • Uses & Applications in Your Practice #1 2 & 3
  • Ethical Guidelines


Second section of the book: Practical Posts (posts in blue are ready to read, those in violet are coming soon)

  • Initial Presentation
  • Muscles & Joints
  • Toes Part 1
  • Toes part 2
  • Lines
  • Colours
  • Skin textures
  • Underlying Tissue
  • Marks & Freckles 
  • Veins & Capillaries
  • Pregnancy & Fertility
  • Right-Left Balance
  • Whole Foot Analysis
  • Nails
  • Chinese Meridians
  • Energetic Reactions
  • Techniques Based on Observation
  • Other Ways of Foot Reading
  • The Future


The Author

Angela Telford

Angela has been a therapist since 1987 and a reflexologist since 1992, and has been teaching the visual side of reflexology for the last 6 years. She runs the Visual Reflexology Study Group on Facebook with over 4000 members, and leads Visual Reflexology workshops all over the UK and Ireland.

For full background information on Angela, subscribers can check out the introductory blog post the author.

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